Bloc organisers release statement

The organisers of Bloc Festival have issued a statement online detailing the problems of recent events. 

Bloc opted for a change in venue for this years festival from Camber Sands to London Pleasure Gardens; a decision which had disastrous consequences with the weekend event shut down during it’s opening night.

The results of which led to Bloc’s parent company, Baselogic, to enter administration, shortly followed by London Pleasure Gardens after a failure to bring in visitors for the Olympics.

Bloc was shut down early due to health and safety fears. 

Organisers of Bloc have finally released a statement explaining why the festival was shut down and how it intends to refund guests. The statement read, “At 23:45 on Friday 6th July, we took the decision to cancel the festival midway through its first night, owing to concerns for crowd safety. We are very grateful to the Metropolitan Police for their support in assisting with the evacuation but we would also like to make it clear that, contrary to some reports, it was our decision to cancel the event.”

Many ticket holders to the dance festival were left without answers on the issue of refunds. The statement provided a document for those who are yet to receive a refund.

The full statement can be read here.

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