Catch Dolly’s Dance Mob At Glastonbury On Sunday!

The Glastonbury weekend is nearly here so make sure you don’t miss out on Dolly’s dance mob!

At nearly 70 years old, Dolly Parton is definitely not showing her age and is currently touring her 42nd album ‘Blue Smoke‘ which will culminate at Glastonbury on the Sunday! She’s written over 3,000 songs, received 46 Grammy nominations and is still going strong!

Dolly is surely the one everyone is waiting for at this weekend’s festival with the ‘legend slot’ on Sunday night! To get the crowd ready for her legendary performance, a video has been released on YouTube to teach viewers the dance moves for the world famous ‘Jolene‘. The video was created to get the crowd dancing with strangers and friends creating a ‘Dolly Mob’ with everyone involved.


Get your rhinestones ready, it’s going to be an awesome weekend!

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