Cover Love is Back With a Bang!

The_Best_Pop_Hits_Vol_1Our ever popular ‘Cover Love’ releases are back with a bang!

We’re passionate about music; from Latino to blues, rock to electro we love it all and we’re not just dedicate to providing the highest quality digital remastering of all your favourite classics. With a little help from ‘The Cover Lovers’ we have released a hot off the press run of ‘Cover Love Too!’ compilation albums.

Covering: Rock, Dance, Electronic, R’n’B, Hip-Hop and of course Pop, Cover Love Too! boasts the best chart smashes of the 2000’s, right up to the current scene! These 4 albums are masterfully re-recorded by The Cover Lovers and brought to you by Nostalgia Music Catalogue.

As the weather heats up you’ll struggle to find a more fitting soundtrack to long days and blue skies. Spread the word of Cover Love Too!

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