Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Like Chaka Khan Live

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About Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody Like Chaka Khan Live:

A Selection of some Chaka’s most loved songs performed live. Starting out as the front woman for acclaimed Funk outfit Rufus before launching into a successful solo career towards the latter half of the 1970’s, Chaka became known as the “Queen of Funk”. This collection features tracks spanning Chaka’s incredible career both as a solo artist and her time with Rufus giving you a unique showcase of one of the finest voices in contemporary popular music.


1. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (Live)
2. Chaka Khan – Everlasting Love (Live)
3. Chaka Khan – Every Woman (Live)
4. Chaka Khan – Hollywood (Live)
5. Chaka Khan – I Feel for You (Live)
6. Chaka Khan – Once You Get Started (Live)
7. Chaka Khan – Pack My Bags (Live)
8. Chaka Khan – Stay (Live)
9. Chaka Khan – Sweet Thang (Live)
10. Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good (Live)
11. Chaka Khan – Through the Fire (Live)
12. Chaka Khan – Valentine (Live)
13. Chaka Khan – You Got the Love (Live)
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