The Avant-garde World of Musique Concrète

The Avant-garde World of Musique Concrète

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1 Classical: Tam Tam IV
2 Classical: Trifle in C
3 Film Music: Astrology
4 Serial Essays: Antiphony (12 pitches -12 durations – 12 silences)
5 Expressionism 1952: Music Without a Title – 5th adn 6th Movements
6 Primitive 1948: Study for Whirligigs
7 Vocalises (on 1 pitch and chromatic transposition)
8 Study
9 Dramatic Cantata: The Veil of Orpheus
10 Three Directions: Sound Effect – Railway Study – Poetic – Pathetic Study – A Single Sound Source
11 Classical: Symphonie pour un homme seul
12 Musical Box
13 Genre Piece: R.A.I. Bird
14 Instrumental Studies: Drum – Fleeting Percussion – Flute – Mexican Flute – Two Aspects of the Piano

About The Avant-garde World of Musique Concrète:

A collection of seminal works in the history of Avant-garde and Acousmatic music. The Avant-garde world of Musique Concrète features pioneers Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Michel Philippot and Henry Arthuys taking you on a journey of experimental compositions that have left a lasting legacy on both the Avant-garde and Popular music canon.

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