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1 Lassie Les Baxter
2 M-Squad Count Basie
3 Asphalt Jungle Duke Ellington
4 The Red Skelton Show (‘Holiday For Strings’) D. Rose/ S. Gallop
5 The Beany & Cecil Show B. Clampett/ S. Clampett
6 Pete Kelly’s Blues R. Heindorf/ S. Cahn
7 The Untouchables Nelson Riddle
8 Wally Gator Kitsch and Camp
9 King Leonardo & His Short Subjects W. W. Biggers/ T. D. Covington/ J. B. Harris/ C. A. Stover
10 The Everglades The T.V Theme Players
11 Kukla, Fran and Ollie (‘Here We Are, Hop, Hop, Hop’) Fran Allison
12 Quick Draw McGraw W. Hanna/ J. Barbera/ H. S. Curtin
13 Captain Midnight D. A. Ferris/ I. Friedman
14 Tightrope! George W. Duning
15 Father Knows Best D. A. Ferris/ I. Friedman
16 Dr. Kildare (‘Three Stars Will Shine Tonight’) H. Winn/ J. Goldsmith/ P. Rugolo
17 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet O. Nelson
18 Make Room For Daddy (‘Danny Boy’ aka ‘Londonderry Air’) Danny Boy/Londonderry Air – TRAD.
19 The Gumby Show The T.V Theme Players
20 The Soupy Sales Show H. Jerome
21 Gunsmoke (‘The Old Trail’) R. Koury/ G. Spencer
22 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp H. Warren/ H. Adamson
23 Cheyenne S. Jones/ W. Lava
24 The Lawman J. Livingston/ M. David
25 26 Men Television’s Greatest Hits Band
26 The French Chef John Leonard Morris
27 The Abbott and Costello Show Raoul Kraushaar
28 Colt .45 H. S. Hopper/ D. Heyes
29 Our Miss Brooks (‘Whistling Bells’) F. I. Myers
30 Hazel S. Cahn/ J. Van heusen
31 Medic V. Young/ E. Heyman
32 The Lawrence Welk Show (‘Bubbles in the Wine’) F. Loesser/ B. Calame/ L. Welk
33 My Little Margie A. Laszlo
34 The Real McCoys Harry Ruby
35 Hopalong Cassidy (‘Hopalong Cassidy March’) N. H. Brown/ L. W. Gilbert
36 You Bet Your Life (‘Hooray for Captain Spaulding’) B. Kalmar/ H. Ruby
37 Highway Patrol R. Llewelyn
38 Adventures in Paradise L. Newman/ D. Cochran
39 The Detectives Herschel Burke Gilbert
40 Bronco J. Livingston/ M. David
41 Checkmate John Williams
42 Candid Camera K. Textor/ A. Scott
43 Naked City (‘Somewhere In the Night’) B. May/ M. Raskin
44 Bourbon Street Beat J. Livingston/ M. David
45 The Twenty-First Century  Lyn Murray
46 The Bob Hope Show (‘Thanks For the Memory’) R. Rainger/ L. Robin
47 Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour Russell Mael
48 Amos ‘n’ Andy (‘Angel’s Serenade’) Alvin Childress/Spencer Williams/ Tim Moore/Nick Stewart/Amanda Randolph
49 Miss America Pageant (‘There She Is, Miss America’) Bert Parks