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Highlights From Dr No

Nostalgia Music presents music from 1962 James Bond classic ‘Dr No’, guaranteed to make you feel shaken but not stirred.
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1 James Bond Theme John Barry Orchestra
2 Dr No's Fantasy Monty Norman
3 Under The Mango Tree Diana Coupland
4 Twisting With James Monty Norman
5 Jump Up Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
6 Jamaican Rock Monty Norman
7 Kingston Calypso Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
8 Audio Bongo Monty Norman
9 Under The Mango Tree Monty Norman
10 Jamaica Jazz Monty Norman
11 Jump Up Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
12 Under The Mango Tree Monty Norman
13 Kingston Calypso Diana Coupland
14 The Island Speaks Monty Norman
15 Dr No's Theme John Barry's Orchestra

About the soundtrack
This music is composed by Monty Norman and composed/arranged by John Barry. It features cuban popular songs, to evoke the Caribbean mood and set the scene, as well as arranged incidental-music variations of the James Bond Theme. Notably it was one of the first soundtracks to draw on brass writing from the big band tradition.

About the artists

Monty Norman was an English singer and guitarist who composed the iconic James Bond riff. John Barry provided the orchestrations, and composed various on it throughout the film – primarily functioning as incidental music. Diana Coupland and The Dragonaires showed how local/contemporary popular music was incorporated to provide a context and set the scene.

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