Songs of the South

Songs of the South

American Comedian Reginald D. Hunter hit the road over the weekend to rediscover the music and sound of the Southern States of America in a three part series airing on BBC Two, tunefully titled Songs of the South. He started his journey in Tennessee and Kentucky, focusing on artists that helped to shape and inspire the southern country sound, other wise known as “hill-billy music”. Some of the artists that featured on the show were Dolly Parton, Bill Monroe, The Handsome Family (see below). The documentary subject is a large stepping stone for much of today’s American music and culture that can’t be picked apart in a one hour segment, but it will surely grab your attention and perhaps even start you off on your own research in the area of the American south, not only it’s music, but it’s rich history, it’s people and its culture.

Tune in next week where Reginald heads further south passing through, Alabama and Georgia. Saturday 28th at 9.15pm

Artists and songs seen & heard in the show

Bill Monroe, Dolly Parton, Gladys Knight, The Handsome Family, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy OrbisonThe Louvin Brothers, Porter Wagoner, REM, Seasick Steve


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