The Easter Collection: Miklos Rozsa – Highlights from the King of Kings

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Our Easter collection is the perfect recipe for a great Easter break with your loved ones. Featuring choral classics, classical masterpieces and family church favourites, our collection won’t disappoint over this special holiday!

Enjoy highlights from the 1961 relgious film ‘King of Kings’ composed by Miklos Rozsa. The soundtrack from the classic epic which follows Jesus through his crucifixion right and his subsequent resurrection.

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No. Track Name Artist
1 King of Kings Theme Prelude Miklos Rozsa
2 The Holy of Holies Miklos Rozsa
3 Pontius Pilate’s Arrival into Jerusalem Miklos Rozsa
4 The Virgin Mary Miklos Rozsa
5 Nativity Miklos Rozsa
6 The Temptation of Christ Miklos Rozsa
7 John the Baptist Miklos Rozsa
8 The Miracles Of Christ Miklos Rozsa
9 Salome’s Dance Miklos Rozsa
10 Mount Galilee and The Sermon On The Mount Miklos Rozsa
11 The Prayer Of Our Lord Miklos Rozsa
12 Christ’s Entry Into Jerusalem and The Tempest In Judea Miklos Rozsa
13 The Way Of The Cross Miklos Rozsa
14 The Scourging of Christ Miklos Rozsa
15 Mary at The Sepulcher Miklos Rozsa
16 Resurrection and Finale Miklos Rozsa
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