Soundtracks From The Greats: Max Steiner – Music from Gone With The Wind

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Our ‘Soundtracks From The Greats’ series brings you iconic film music from some of history’s great film composers. Whatever your film taste, our series is sure to cater to you, with memorable film scores from some of the past century’s seminal movies.

The soundtrack for Gone with the Wind was one of its many Oscar nominations, which won ten of them. Composed by Max Steiner, the music captures the depiction of the epic romance tale set in the American south against the backdrop of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era. This 1939 release adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer winning novel stars Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh as the two turbulent lovers caught up in the controversial historical context of this film.

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No. Track Name Artist
1 Main Title Max Steiner
2 Scarlett & Rhett's First Meeting Max Steiner
3 Mammy Max Steiner
4 Christmas During The War In Atlanta Max Steiner
5 Ashley & Scarlett Max Steiner
6 Ashley Returns To Tara From The War Prison Max Steiner
7 Atlanta In Flames Max Steiner
8 Scarlett & Rhett Rebuild Tara Max Steiner
9 Reconstruction Max Steiner
10 Scarlett Makes Her Demands Of Rhett Max Steiner
11 Scarlett's Fall Down The Staircase Max Steiner
12 Bonnie's Fatal Pony Ride Max Steiner
13 Finale Max Steiner
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