Soundtracks From The Greats: Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Highlights from The Young Ones

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Our ‘Soundtrack From The Greats’ series brings you iconic film music from some of history’s great film composers. Whatever your film taste, our series is sure to cater to you, with memorable film scores from some of the past century’s seminal movies.

The soundtrack to the iconic British musical The Young Ones was performed by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, who also starred in the film. Along with the soundtrack peaking at No. 1 on the UK albums chart, the musical itself was also the second most popular film at the British box office in 1961 and was hugely referenced throughout the 1980s British television series of the same name, also using a cover version of the film’s title track (which can be heard below) for the series’ theme song.

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No. Track Name Artist
1 The Young Ones Cliff Richard
2 Friday Night Cliff Richard
3 All For One Cliff Richard
4 Peace Pipe Cliff Richard
5 Got A Funny Feeling Cliff Richard
6 Nothings Impossible Cliff Richard
7 We Say Yeah Cliff Richard
8 What D'you Know We've Got A Show & Vaudeville Routine Cliff Richard
9 No One For Me But Nicky Cliff Richard
10 Lessons In Love Cliff Richard
11 The Savage Cliff Richard
12 Mambo Cliff Richard
13 When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart Cliff Richard
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