Soundtracks From The Greats: Highlights From Dr. No

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Our ‘Soundtrack From The Greats’ series brings you iconic film music from some of history’s great film composers. Whatever your film taste, our series is sure to cater to you, with memorable film scores from some of the past century’s seminal movies.

Relive the excitement and thrill of the very first James Bond film starring Sean Connery. Featuring the ‘James Bond Theme’ this classic soundtrack by Monty Norman has come to epitomise James Bond’s world of espionage and danger that still captivates audiences today. Based on the novels of Ian Flemming, the Bond films have been entertaining audiences for the last fifty years and have secured their place in popular culture.

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No. Track Name Artist
1 James Bond Theme John Barry Orchestra
2 Dr No's Fantasy Monty Norman
3 Under The Mango Tree Diana Coupland
4 Twisting With James Monty Norman
5 Jump Up Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
6 Jamaican Rock Monty Norman
7 Kingston Calypso Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
8 Audio Bongo Monty Norman
9 Under The Mango Tree Monty Norman
10 Jamaica Jazz Monty Norman
11 Jump Up Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
12 Under The Mango Tree Monty Norman
13 Kingston Calypso Diana Coupland
14 The Island Speaks Monty Norman
15 Dr No's Fantasy Monty Norman
16 The Boy's Chase Monty Norman
17 Love At Last Monty Norman
18 The James Bond Theme Monty Norman
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